Navigating Uncertain Times

These are trying times….

A lot has been said already and much more will be still be said. I believe it is high time we all make relevant contributions in this season and beyond.

In times of uncertainty, one key way to restore order, confidence, clarity and direction is to revisit and reestablish the conversation about ‘purpose’ and its overriding influence on life and all of human interactions.

Economic interests, leadership, relationships, partnerships and legacies are all built on the foundation of purpose.

This premise and the pivotal essence of the subject of ‘purpose’ gives credence to why I host the Purpose and Life Summit.

This is an annual event but it will be held online this year. The theme for this year’s summit is, ‘Navigating Through Uncertain Times’.

Topics on areas of leadership, relationship, career and business will be the focus in the training sessions of this year’s summit.

To attend Purpose and Life Summit 2020, kindly visit and mark your calendar for an unforgettable experience.