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There truly shouldn’t be any argument that leadership is about influence. However, there is more to being an effective leader and having an effective leadership than just exerting influence.

Leadership encompasses critical subjects and concerns ranging from, ‘decision making processes’, to ’employee training’, ‘strategic management’ and ‘financial growth’.

All these can only create desired results in every unit of leadership if you can masterfully understand how they help you further communicate your vision and connect with key stakeholders of your vision or organization on a level that makes it possible to actualize your vision or organizational goals.

This is a platform for leaders and visionaries who seek consistent growth and are focused to create the level of influence that is empowered by effective communication and passionate connection.


Victory Bassey is a leader and a communicator at his core. He has authored two books, co-hosted a TEDx event, been a speaker at several business and leadership conferences and currently serves as a coach to business professionals and leaders from diverse industries.

With consistent progress on his path of leadership, Victory considers himself as a lifelong student. He holds firmly that the path ahead we all need to take to make relevant contributions to our lives and that of others is severely scarred with knowledge and principles we cannot afford to ignore.

Victory Bassey - Leadership Consultant & Corporate Trainer​
" Each time victory has something to say where I am, I pay keen attention because of the careful language crafting that accompanies the wisdom he shares. Like they say, “communication is the bedrock of leadership”. Victory is both a prolific writer and a fluent verbal communicator. There’s always something to learn from him. In my opinion he is a colossus of intellectual wealth..."
Abraham O.

Beyond The Price

There are winning strategies to overcome crippling challenges so you can accomplish your goals, vision and purpose. My second book, “Beyond The Price” guides you through that journey.

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