Anchors of effective leadership

Almost every four years introduces the platform for a new argument of what it truly means to be a leader.

This is based on political grounds as many nations have the opportunity to retain their leaders or select a new set of leaders.

True as that may be, leadership is not a prerogative idealogy that depends on the shuffle of government leaders or organizational executives.

Leadership in its most transparent form and expression is all about communication, creating connections and guiding change.

Change is intentionally placed last on that list because without effective communication and connections that matter with all key stakeholders of a vision or an organizational structure and goal, change will be far fetched or almost impossible.

This proves itself as you will discover when you study how and why nations, organizations and individuals struggle or thrive.

To lead is to communicate and connect. To communicate and connect is to be human and it is a noble responsibility we all have to live up to daily.