Who owns the stage?

Let us tell ourselves the hard truth, we all wouldn’t be on a world stage someday.

I shared sometime ago that not all great people are popular and not all popular people are great.

You will find the level of joy so many people may never experience when you fully understand that your primary place of doing important work in life may not be on a world stage.

To influence the world, you have to begin by influencing your world. If you are stuck with the question, ‘What is my world?’ Here is my answer;

Your world is your sphere of Influence. It is the zone of life where you have a positive attraction to.

Your world is your neighborhood. Your world is your society and association.

No one has made a remarkable achievement in the world by only attempting to do world renowned things. What they simply focused to do was to make focused efforts with great commitment.

Little things become great things with time and a committed effort.

To make a difference in the world, you have to first begin where you are (your world).

This focused effort has a way of leaving a legacy in the world.

It is quite a mix of the two and true greatness is significant by the people you influence not only the void of a geographical location you fill.

Begin today to make a difference in the world by making a difference on your world.

Why the tricks of time management may not have worked for you and what you can do to get better results in your work and life.

Just maybe if we better understood time, we may do better at managing it.

I am well aware that despite the profound ideas that already exists on how we can effectively manage our time for increased productivity, chances are you are not yet as productive as you desire.

‘Tricks’ is a term we have coined to support the notion that there is a shortcut to getting things done.

That has its place and importance but it is not a lasting strategy to doing work that matters in a way that really makes a great difference.

In this era of our human existence post covid, time is no more just a way we keep track of our day but more of a currency of our lives and work.

How you can more effectively manage and get better results in your work and life is always a moving variable.

However, if you can masterfully answer the questions below unique to your individuality, purpose path, leadership and business, you will then become clear on what best approach to take in order to effectively manage your time and priorities.

Here are the questions:

1. What is your definition of time?

2. How much expendable time do you have?

3. How do you keep track of your time in each moment towards each goal important to you?

4. What are your priorities in this season of your life, leadership and business?

Please note, there is no one-size-fit-all approach to anything but there are principles and pillars to get outstanding results, and that is what I have just shared with you.

Grab a pen, a journal and document your answers to those questions. It is your key to a productive life.

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