Creating legacies through connection

You can remember the teachers who taught you from your formal or informal education for one or more of these reasons:

1. Their teaching method was clear and simple to understand.
2. Their teaching method was educative and entertaining.
3. Few of them made the subject/course unlovable and more difficult to understand.

If you can relate to any of that then it will be quite easy for you to understand how teachers and leaders have many things in common.

As a teacher or a leader, charisma is a great thing to have but without being able to connect with the people you teach or lead, you will find little to no reward for your effort.

Connection is the core of every effective communication, teaching style or leadership model.

Your ability to connect with those you lead will reflect in your measure of Influence.

Now, how do you connect with those you are leading in your organization or social media community (e.g. Facebook group)?

1. Listen
2. Ask questions
3. Engage

Conversations aren’t meant to be a monologue, it is a dialogue.

As much as you ought to master the art of speaking as a leader, you also need to master the art of listening.

Listening helps you know what areas needs your maximum attention so you can channel you effort in the right direction that will yield maximum results.


As a leader, by every possible means, do NOT assume things you can ask questions about.

Asking questions gives those you lead the validation that you trust their opinions and answers which of course are subject to your scrutiny and end goal.

Remember, your team is your flight crew.

Ask questions, listen to their answers and engage them with responsibilities.

Doing these 3 things will rightly position you to connect with your team or those you lead.

Why is this even necessary?

Without a deep connection with those you lead, you will have very little influence that directs the results you will get. And in turn, you will be managing results and NOT creating legacies.

The choice is always yours.