Going from crisis to solutions

Difficult times are as old as human history. Workplace misunderstanding can be traced as far back to the beginning of human interaction.

Global pandemics aren’t new experiences but old realities in different expressions.

As long as day and night do not cease, many human challenges will always have a temporal alleviation or a permanent solution.

However, before solutions are ever surfaced to address eminent challenges, there is often a gap. The gap between the high-pressure moment of a crisis and the moment of ease where solutions have been provided.

In a chemical reaction, a catalyst plays a pivotal role in influencing the rate of reaction. In human history and leadership, the gap between moments of crisis and the dawn of solutions is fast-tracked or stalled by a few catalytic factors and one of such is perspective.

Perspective as Paul Martinelli puts it, is an edited observation. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Your perspective is a product of where you have trained your focus to consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously be vested in.

Focus as it influences perspective is key to make right decisions daily. However, now much more than ever, you need to gain an understanding of where your focus dwells by default.

Default focus dictates perspective, perspective directs action and actions overtime become a way of life.

How well are you controlling and protecting your focus? It is the driver of the outcomes of your life and leadership.