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About Victory

Victory Bassey is a researcher, teacher, priority management consultant and a strategist at his core.

Having spoken at conferences, taught at seminars and workshops (nationally and internationally), co-led a TEDx host team and served on the executive board of various for-profit and non-for-profit organizations, Victory’s display of uncanny wisdom, technological aptitude and premium excellence is both compelling and revered.

His profound teaching and training methods primed with the originality of his ideas has helped individuals and organizations unpack complexities and develop winning goal-getting strategies in a way that saves time, maximizes resources and improves outcomes.

Three ways I'm here to help you:

Podcast Episodes

The Priority Hack Podcast is dedicated to help you master how to manage your numerous priorities so you can win at work and life.

Blog Posts

In the blog section, I share effective ways you can improve your productivity, and how you can manage your time and priorities to masterfully achieve your goals.


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"Each time victory has something to say, I pay keen attention. There’s always something to learn from him. In my opinion he is a colossus of intellectual wealth."
Abraham Olang
Human Resource Expert & Administrator
"Victory has the ability to provide solutions outside the conventional line of thoughts."
Grace Ene
Executive Director, Royal Heights
I must say that Victory is among the few leaders on earth that you will ever love to work with. His leadership ability is profound. I admire all he has done and brought in my life and I hope he gets to do more.
Ejim Ignatius
CEO Harmony Group of Companies
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