How Can You Effectively Manage Time?

For many years, the subject of “time management” has been an ever increasing concern. Its importance has transitioned from just being one of those things to consider to now being a skill that is sought for in high demand.

The problem however remains, how do we effectively manage time? Individuals and organizations are asking the same question, “how can we effectively manage time?”

While it is the same question we have all asked at one point or another, we are not really seeking the same answer. I say so because what time management means to you is likely very different from what time management means to the next person or to the next organization.

However, I believe we have all been asking the wrong question.

When we ask, “how can we effectively manage time?” What we are really asking for is, “how can we be more productive?” But somewhere in our subconscious mind, the question that is really blaring is “how can we get more done in less time and probably with less effort?”

That is where our problem emanates from when we consider the subject of time management.

Time management is not about doing more in less time. Neither is it about achieving more with less effort.

For every instance you interpret your quest to effectively manage time as an effort to do more in less time or to achieve more with less effort, you will always end up with disappointing results, misaligned priorities and inadequate fulfillment.

So, what then is time management really about, you may wonder?

The subject of time management, in its purest form is about “how do we use our time in a way that makes our lives meaningful?”

Time is about meaning. It is about purpose and essence.

You need to make the shift to no longer consider time management as an activity of regulating your to-do lists but of assigning meaning to your life and everything there is you have to do.

Without meaning, time will always be an evasive tool to be managed.

Starting today, starting now, how will you use your time in a way that makes your life meaningful?