How constant is growth?

It is only as constant as the dawn of your birth-day every three hundred and sixty five days or one-quarter extra if it is a leap year.

If referring to growing old in years lived, then we can consider in only little measures that growth is constant. However to grow your vision, your values, your strength of focus, your leadership, your network and the measures of your success, all these are not gotten by observation, they are rather earned.

When we say growth is constant, what we are really saying is, the responsibility to grow is not directly on our shoulders. And because it is easy to do, we delegate our growth process to natural occurances and thus coin the phrase, “growth is constant.”

We have said it many times enough to believe it as an attractive truth. While that may be an attractive truth and somewhat a seductive one that shades off the value of commitment, it creates a limiting reality. Growth aside that of aging in number of years isn’t constant, it is earned.

So, to earn the fruits of growth, you have to take responsibility for your growth process and stages, and that of those you lead and serve. To grow simply means, ‘take responsibility.’