How effective communication begins

Soccer teams may comprise of the best soccer players in the world but they still function at their best only with the help of a coach. Why is that a reality and why should anyone else be concerned?

One primary purpose of a coach is to facilitate conversations and pioneer effective communication among his or her team. This is a mirror to how leaders lead effectively and inspire change, growth and development. Successful leaders have realised that to lead is to pioneer effective communication and facilitate meaningful conversations that are able to birth corresponding meaningful actions.

Communication is not primarily about giving information as we may have believed it to be. It is rather about creating a connection between you and those you seek to serve or lead. Creating connections as a medium of communication always starts with asking the right questions.

The kind of questions you need to ask depends largely on the group of people you desire to connect with. Who are they? What do they need? What is important to them? And why do you deserve to earn their attention and trust? These are questions worth asking and honestly answering.