How to make things stick

In his book “Aspire”, Kevin Hall strikingly opined that “if it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s also true that a word is worth a thousand pictures.”

I am well aware the above shared thought can spike an interesting debate but even more important is the underlying truth and gap that is revealed in that statement.

Pictures are an interesting product of technology and thoughtfulness but there is a gap it doesn’t fill and that is the gap of interpretation.

If the only medium we had to pass on information from board members to employees or from one generation to another was pictures, we will currently have been in a war of interpretation of the actual message intended in every picture.

Words on the other hand reduces the scope of interpretation and enables us to have same or similar understanding of what is intended in every written or spoken message or instruction.

With pictures, interpretation is possibly vague but with words interpretation is possibly precise.

A combination of both is a masterpiece to create effective communication and meaningful connections.

This is how to make things stick and be remembered in the minds and hearts of those we lead and serve.

If for anything else, this is the genius idea behind the power of a video presentation, a video message, a video training or even a movie.