How to tackle individual differences in a team

Mediocrity has a way of solidifying ignorance and stifling one’s objectivity to what’s possible. When next there is a ruckus in your team or organisation, do not make your fight personal, focus on its true source – ignorance.

When a person’s awareness increases, such a person is better positioned to have increased understanding and enhanced objective perspectives.

With this in mind, you can tackle individual differences that opposes organisational growth and development. Remember, it isn’t a fight against a person or group of people but a fight against ignorance.

You can bypass the walls built against your organisation’s growth by the force of ignorance played out by certain individuals. Here is how to do it, strengthen corporate communication and establish firm passionate connections between team members. This may be not a quick fix but it will create a culture that soon enough becomes the unsaid standard everyone wilfuly and gladly lives by for the corporate progress of your organisation.

Focus on the real enemy (ignorance) and it’s victims will join you to help win the fight. That is leadership exercised.