How? Why? When? And where?

“How can we turn the ghettos into a vast school? How shall we make every street corner a forum, not a lounging place for trivial gossip and petty gambling, where life is wasted and human experience withers to trivial sensations? How shall we make every house worker and every laborer a demonstrator, a voter, a canvasser and a student?”

You may need to pause for a moment and read that paragraph again because it may have appeared too straightforward that you missed its essence.

Those questions were thoughts too loud to mute in the mind of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Questions at best use are very pivotal because they are at the core of what has birth novel ideas that have influenced the world through all of human history.

It is really an art to know what questions to ask per time.

To an undeveloped mind, a question demands an immediate answer but to a developed mind of a leader, questions spark reflection, it then further guides actions and then inspires initiative.

While questions may serve as an arsenal that births fear and retrogression, it is a primary responsibility for leaders to master the art of asking the right questions.