Ideas, outcomes and progress

Seth Godin, the father of Permission Marketing coined the phrase, ‘Bereau of Idea Approval’, or the BIA if you like acronyms.

He posited that why many great ideas never see the light of day is because we submit our ideas to the imaginary BIA and seek that they choose among many other ideas which is the best and which should thrive.

We take the responsibilities off our shoulders and hope that the BIA does the rest.

Taking it a step further, I believe Seth’s thesis validates the fact that for personal or organizational pursuits, the question of what goals or ideas should be acted on shouldn’t be completely relegated or delegated to a third party verdict.

There are needs in the world, in your industry and in your organization. If your idea(s) significantly contribute in making a difference, overcome the fear of the unknown and run with it.

Ideas birth outcomes and outcomes are predicted by progress. Let me pause to ask, ‘are you progressing?’