Is everything learnable?

You may answer a quick yes to that question but it is worth asking again, is everything learnable?

If you spent a few more seconds this time thinking of an appropriate answer, then you are well on the path to understand why that question should be asked though the answer seems obvious.

Excuses are often the cover story for an incomplete task or an unaccomplished goal. If you pull the curtains however, you will realize that the real story is about a struggle you are having with either learning something right or further implementing what you have learned rightly and timely.

It is the same narrative and fact that plays out in leadership and the virtues every leader ought to have.

We seek leaders who can communicate effectively and create meaningful and passionate connections, but we all should stop and ask, “are we engaging enough leaders to learn these virtues and to rightly utilize them as they learn on?”

If everything is learnable (which may rightly be the case), every leader should be teachable and accountable to express the virtues of effective communication and passionate connection, because those two are the foundational pillars of any leadership structure.

Eliminate your doubts, stretch your horizons and really understand, everything is learnable.