Systemize your business for growth, improved functionality and balance

To get a niche or not to get a niche?

To send endless DMs in order to get clients and to keep sacrificing all your time for money are struggles you do not need to suffer from.

The demands of your business growth should in no way eliminate balance from your life and from everything else that matters to you.

You deserve better!

What you need is a more coordinated and productive way to build and grow your business in a manner that enables you impact more lives without burning out and drowning in overwhelm.

That way, you’ll be able to satisfyingly build a thriving tribe for your business and grow a sustainable profitable business that supports your business goals, vision, your values and your intended legacy.

If this is something that matters to you, I am delighted to help you attain it.

What path will help you the most?

Below are three mediums I have designed and packaged to help you on your business growth journey:


The Discovery and Clarity Call is a 20-minute session designed to help you get a clear roadmap for your business growth.

In this session, I will help you diagnose what is stalling your business growth and uncover to you the 4 pillars necessary for scaling your business.



My 3 Months Coaching Program provides you with the accountability and support that enables you in 90 days to scale your business in impact and profit.

If you desire to grow your business in a way that is self-fulfilling, people-impacting and profitable, this coaching program is for you.

VALUE COST: $1,497

Downloadable resources

More information is not necessarily what you need to structure your business for scale in impact and profit.

What you really need is a coordinated approach that works in enabling you grow your business. I have created just the right resources to help you achieve that.

"Victory's strategies are always timely, effective and result oriented. His trainings and leadership sessions have significantly propelled my life and business forward. He is indeed a force to be reckoned with."
Keota Ina-ibor
"Without mincing words, I can attest to the fact that Victory is an exceptional coach. He makes worries look insignificant. They fizzle away in his presence. Victory is an asset. Glad to have associated with him."
Michelle N.
Author, Media Specialist

Self-sabotage, fighting the wrong challenges and addressing the wrong problems are all ways many entrepreneurs, leaders and visionary change makers have lost the battle on their path of growth, influence, income, impact and legacy.

Business and leadership in the decade of the 2020s and beyond is not just about transactions but about leading and guiding change.

It is how well you are able to navigate change and the maze of business complexities that will determine how effective, impactful and profitable your business will be.

Your mantra for everything you build (including your business), should be “Designed to Last”.

And that is my singular goal here – to help you build and grow a business that lasts.

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