Navigating a crisis

The world has for long been evolving and seemingly hasn’t stopped in such measures. World economies have experienced depression time and time again. Corporate bodies have had to lay off staff more often than is pleasurable.

When crisis of any sort hits the earth, the first thing we tend to resort to is to ask the question, “where did it all begin and how?”

As important as that question is, it leads down a slope that establishes a blame game.

We can’t say for sure the frequency at which the world will experience a crisis, be it of the economy or a health pandemic or a combination of both. One thing however we can be sure of is the measure of responsibility we are willing to take.

Both on an individual and on a corporate level, the hallmark of excellence is taking responsibility for your faults, failures and successes.

We may not translate a global crisis as an individual fault or a corporate failure to be responsible for, however that reality creates a shift that demands leadership in the midst of crisis. And as that happens, the major focus of leaders ought to be about taking responsibility for what can be altered and as well what can and should be maintained.

Once again, it is worth reiterating that the hallmark of excellence is about taking responsibility, not in a blame game stance but in a solution-driven mindset.