Set the target

Have you taken the time to wonder or research about what caused the first Word War or maybe the second?

How about what inspired African nations to seek independence from their colonial masters?

Let me bring it home a bit, “why are there new start-up companies or businesses every week?”

We may think we found the answer as to why the wars ended. We may also accept to be true why we believe there are new start-ups every week, but there is a missing piece and it’s from a question to consider, “what is the target?”

For every business idea that finds its way to being incorporated, what is the target? For every innovative product offered to the public from the marketing department of a successful organisation, what is really the target?

When we seek new leadership, what is the target? When you review your goals and choose to pursue one over the other, what is your target?

What I need you to realise is that, any path will lead somewhere (and it may not be where you’ll love to arrive at) but if we have to get desired results, we first have to set desired outcomes.

When you don’t have a direction or a preferred destination, every path will look attractive leaving you stuck in utter confusion.

For whatever it is you set out to do, begin by setting the target because that is what determines the path to take, the people to tag with and the supplies to take along.

Set the target!