Spreading ideas

I’ve really been thinking and I’ve had many questions accordingly. Whose permission is needed for an infection to go from being endemic to being a pandemic?

Let’s look away from permission for a moment and talk about choice. Do we get to choose who should be infected or not during a pandemic?

These may seem like questions at opposite ends of the same conversation but they are deeply important to understand how ideas spread.

When an idea is birth in your heart as an individual, a visionary or a leader, in the true sense of it’s worth, whose permission and whose choice determines the worth of your idea?

We have often lost ideas that could have created a transformation and a better reality in many spheres of life of the human race and that is sadly because someone (maybe you) wasn’t courageous enough to let his or her idea live without anyone else’s permission or choice.

There are things we get to choose but there are others that we can do nothing about than accept it’s existence. Don’t make your ideas a matter of choice and permission – here is a better alternative I’ll suggest – first let them live and you just may discover – along the way – that it is what we have always needed.