The knowledge problem in the 21st century

Sodium by itself is terribly toxic. Chlorine by itself is poisonous, yet single molecules of both when bonded together produces something of great essence – table salt.

Knowledge is great but knowledge by itself is a limitation. Here is how that plays out, in the 21st century almost everything is googleable and with the preeminence of social media, almost everyone showcases themselves as wellsprings of knowledge, but there is a great underlying problem.

With easy access to all sorts of information in the 21st century as a gift to the present generation, where do we stand on the prism of the discipline of action?

Just as salt only serves its purpose when there is a mutual combination of two elements which are destructive by themselves, so knowledge only serves its purpose when it is tested on the platform of timely action.

It isn’t enough to act as much as it is required to act timely for though sodium and chlorine makes salt, two molecules of sodium and one molecule of chlorine never yields same result.

As with table salt, there are principles that guide action to make knowledge fruitful.

In light of this, for every effort you make to grow in knowledge, make much more effort to take guided action accordingly.