What do you see?

For every true expression of leadership or a visionary project, there always will be times when challenges tend to overshadow the strength of progress.

At such times, a vital key to unlock the door of continued effort that yields sustainable progress and attainment of desired results is vision.

Having a vision that overrides overwhelming challenges isn’t the exclusive responsibility of the CEO or the sole proprietor, it is a shared burden of purpose, intentionality and values that every team member have to bear if sustainable progress must be made and desired results attained.

To win at whatever noble goal you have, there has to be an understanding that though vision is first birth by one person, it isn’t meant to forever be developed by one person.

It is a team sport and it should be played that way.

Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc. and many other thriving organizations have echoed this underlying truth but the question remains, ‘what do you see?’