You have to choose eventually

From health epidemics that become pandemics to insufficient supply of food to a needy human race, we are always faced with moments to make critical decisions.

While decisions are pivotal in every day life as much as it is in leadership, there are many key facts to ponder on. Here are two:

* Not everyone loves tasking work and it is quite understandable.

* Not everyone takes initiative and that too is understandable.

However, you will eventually have to choose between making the initial effort required to prevent and solve problems or bear the consequences of neglect or unjustified delayed action.

Whatever you only react to might always lead to moments of crisis but whenever you choose to initiate solutions to non-obvious problems, you’ll lead successfully even through moments of crisis.

To react is to manage, to initiate is to lead. Do both, but if posed with a choice, choose the later more often than the former.